Cryptocurrency wallet and how to store Cryptocurrencies

How to store your crypto money? What is a Cryptocurrency wallet? It is a commonly asked question by anybody who’s new to the crypto world. In today’s article, I am going to share a few ways to store your money. In other words, the best wallets, specifically the best hardware wallets that I would recommend you buy and use.

There is a multitude of ways to store your cryptocurrencies, both online and offline. From saving it on the exchange marketplace (a terrible idea) or using an online wallet to offline solutions like paper wallets, or a hardware wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend the cryptocurrency. A wallet can contain multiple public keys …

Let’s cut it short, and save you some time. So, the very best way to safely and securely store your cryptocurrencies is by using a hardware wallet.

When it comes to hardware cryptocurrency wallet, there are two main ones that almost everybody will recommend. They are like the Apple and Samsung of this industry. So they are:

    1. Ledger Nano S
    2. Trezor

When it comes to the bottom line, both of these devices are just amazing. This is not like any other device, you don’t want them to do a lot of stuff. It’s like a bodyguard, you want it to be able to protect you in the end. It needs to do it’s job at the best possible level because the security of your coins is crucial today with more and more hacking happening all over the place. So when it comes to their job, both of these devices do their job extremely well.

On the front, they look a lot different, they have clear different designs and their interface is different, yet, on the inside, they work in quite similar ways. Basically, you plug them into a computer, you enter your 4 to 6 digits password and bum, your cash is available to you.  Here, it’s worth mentioning that you can have an additional passcode on top of the pin. Which can be considered an extra layer of security, yet this may cause some to lose access to their wallets if they forget their passcode. So this is recommended to more advanced users as this solution scrambles the seed and generates a new identity every time you enter a password.

So, now you have 2 devices that work extremely well, do their jobs as expected, are super easy to use and are secure. Now you might ask which one to chose from. Well, this is just a matter of personal preference. I own and use both successfully and I had no problems with them what-so-ever.

Though, I hope this idea of a hardware wallet will not scare you. You might think, “Oh, but an online wallet is much simple and easy to use.”. Trust me, as soon as you start using these wallets, you will instantly realize that they are so simple and easy to use and it is not worth risking your wallet and money for just being lame and not ordering and using one.

My final note on this is that I will ultimately find myself using the Ledger Nano S as my personal cryptocurrency wallet a lot more. It’s ultimately cheaper, looks sleeker and premium, and has that classy feel to it.

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